Kochadaiiyaan - Kingdom Run

Kochadaiiyaan -Kingdom Run is the official game of superstar Rajnikanth's 3D photo-realistic venture, A side scroller, action arcade game allowing you to step into the shoes of Kochadaiyaan-the legend and take on an entire army.

The game is encapsulated with brilliant environments viz – Jungle, Port, Battlement and Castle. Each and every level is constructed in such a way that the player needs to be more agile in order to make it through. The variety of levels keeps the player on edge and the game play fresh. To add to the adrenaline rush that the game creates, one can upgrade to a variety of weapons and armor from the arsenal. The ever changing look and feel of the levels makes it a great experience.

Game Features:

  • Four stunning environments to play in, catering to your craving for Medieval aged arcade game
  • Option to upgrade to advance armor and weapons
  • Exciting Power ups like Sacrificer and Invincibility to keep you going
  • A mix of combos allowing you to enjoy the ultimate thrill of an arcade game


  • First Tamil based move to be released as a smartphone game
  • 1million+ downloads on android
  • 60000+ active users on Facebook
  • Been published on the iOS, Android, WP, W8 and Facebook platforms