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du, Music Store

The UAE market had an increasing demand for affordable music that catered to all nationalities. Thus started the democratization of music, with the du Music Store. A music revolution on the mobile - du Music Store offered music downloads at an unbelievable price - Music for all, at an unbeatable value proposition.

In the beginning of Dec 2011, du Music store was launched for its varied subscriber base. Whether an Arab, Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Phillipino, Nepali, there is Music for everyone. The first-of-its-kind music service in UAE which offers more than 10,000 songs to choose from, across multiple languages and genres with daily subscription at just AED 1 (USD 0.27) this service is powered and managed by Hungama.


  • Music available on-the-go with no data charges!!
  • Showcases a vast pool of songs across 13 categories – Arabic, Bollywood, International, Tagalog, Bangla, Tamil, Punjabi, Pakistani, Nepali, Malayalam, Telugu, Sinhala and Pashto.
  • No restriction on number of downloads in a day. The consumer can top-up or recharge his Music store subscription to consume more songs.
  • Unlimited song downloads. (1 dirham for 5 songs)
  • Users can share and like their favorite songs on Facebook & Twitter or share them with friends over SMS.
  • Never lose your songs! A simple re-download facility for up to 3 times is available to the subscribers free of cost.
  • Portal available in English and Arabic

Hungama's Role:

  • Product Development and Hosting
  • Price Modelling
  • Undertake Billing
  • Customer Care Tools
  • Content Aggregation, Planning & Management
  • Promotion & Marketing Plan
  • Multi-Language Support (Arabic and English)
  • Provide Analytic Tools

Success Story:

The du Music Store has succeeded in being a one stop store for all nationalities in U.A.E.

  • Over 8.67 million page views on du Music Store since launch
  • Over 580,000 downloads since launch and over 130,000 re-downloads
  • Over 139,000 Facebook Shares, over 58,000 Twitter Shares & over 56,000 SMS Share
  • Over 1.11 million song / album / artist search on du Music Store
  • Increased Consumption due to subsidized price plans.

Grameenphone Music Stream

Hungama’s state-of-the-art music solution for multiple geographies of Telenor

GP Music Stream is a top class adaptive streaming and download service. Indigenously created and built keeping in mind the South Asian and Bangladeshi consumers, this subscription based music service can be accessed via WAP browser and Android application.

The service is backed by, Hungama which brings the best in class content, technology and programming experience to the service.


  • Seamless Streaming & Download experience for Music & Video across wide catalogue of local and international content
  • Futuristic Search, Mood & Discovery feature for music across Moods, Eras, Genres and Tempo across the catalogue
  • Stream the best of Bollywood, International and Bengali Audio & Videos with no additional data charges @ just 8 BDT per day for unlimited use
  • Option to share your favorite music on Social Media
  • User created & System generated playlist based on popularity
  • App for smartphone users & WAP for feature phones

Success Story:

  • Over 70K activations in less than 6 months
  • Subscriber base growing at an average rate of 8% per month
  • More than 50K minutes consumed by users till date
  • Average consumption of approximately 10 mins/user per month

Get GP Music Stream App from Google PlayStore or visit from your mobile

DiGi Live Radio - Malaysia

DiGi Live Radio is the first dedicated entertainment service on IVR in Malaysia for South Asians. Service is powered and managed by Hungama.

Unified Entertainment Portal based on IVR, where the user can dial and listen to

  • Music
  • News
  • Audio Cinema
  • Lifestyle Content

Portal used by the operator to work as consumer acquisition tool for South Asians, along with a strong communication medium for cross promoting other services (like Tariffs, offers, etc.) to the community

Success Story:

  • 10% service penetration within 12 months of launch of TG base if 1.5 million
  • Over 200K activations in less than 4 months
  • Around 2.1 million minutes consumed by users in first few months
  • Average consumption of approximately 10 mins/user per month
  • Increase in CRBT activations
  • Increased consumption due to subsidized price plans

In international markets we also undertake CRBT content licensing and MOD content licensing through our on ground partner.