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Jeena Sebastian - Head, Business Intelligence

For me to describe working in Hungama in a nut-shell would be a "roller-coaster" ride. Each day has a new surprise & deadline in store for me & that's what I like the most, the uncertainty & the challenges it brings along with it is the most exciting part. There is absolutely no room for any routine to be set. Absolutely agree with this signature line "As always, doing Hungama and loving it!"

Aditya Singh - Project Manager, Technology

Hungama has been an amazing and enriching experience since the day I joined this dynamic organization. If you seek an adrenaline rush while sitting in your workspace, Hungama will guarantee the same and more! The scale and quality of exposure in my two years at Hungama cannot be matched with even five years at another organization. When you walk through the main doors, you feel the sheer pace and energy of the organization which is constantly buzzing with innovation and action. If you seek a working environment which is both fulfilling and challenging and if you think you have the appetite for a high growth, high performance organization then Hungama is the place for you!

Milind Samel - Team Leader, Mobile Team

Hungama! Been doing exactly what the name says since 3 & a half years now. It’s a wonderful company to work with. There is full liberty & trust given to you as long as you deliver! With no real strict binding ‘rules’, you have the freedom to experiment, take initiative and learn and make your own way to help grow the organization and yourself. Hard work gets rewarded equally well! The spirit of the team is best defined by the line – We do Hungama!